Repatriation to and from Malta

Our medical escorts and repatriation team at Active Assist are dedicated to provide a comprehensive service in organising a repatriation to or from Malta in the shortest possible time.

Our experience combined with our close working relation with the national airline, airport authorities and main local hospitals, enable us to swiftly organise every detail for any type of incoming or outgoing repatriation from Malta.

We are attentive and always listen to our clients' wishes. All the necessary services and assistance required to make the client comfortable will be provided throughout the way. Our flexible team will ensure that all arrangements are fitted into expectations and needs of a client.

Ground Transfers

Ground Transfers

At Active Assist we can organise any sort of ground transfer in Malta to meet the specific medical conditions of our clients.

We can organise seated or stretcher ambulance transfers with medical equipment, special vehicles with easy access as well as regular cab services and airport transfers. Thanks to our extensive work connections, we ensure everything is organized quickly and efficiently, up to our clients' needs.

Air Ambulance Service

Air Ambulance Service

Active Assist works closely with a number of air ambulance providers enabling us to obtain favourable quotes and organise a swift repatriation to or from Malta.

We also work with a number of medical escorts and airline doctors enabling us to look after every medical requirement for any type of air ambulance repatriation. Our flexible service can be adjusted to different requirements.

Learn more about air ambulance service.

Medical Escorts

Medical escorts

Our professionally trained doctors and nurse escorts have vast experience in looking after and dealing with patients requiring international repatriation and hospitalisation overseas.

In such delicate matters it is important to ensure a proper handover of patients' medical history and to know that patients are well looked after during repatriation. Throughout years of experience we have mastered the procedure and placed special policy ensuring that nothing is left out.

Stretcher Repatriations

Stretcher repatriation

For immobile patients requiring stretcher repatriation, our team at Active Assist co-ordinate everything from A to Z by direct liaison with the hospitals and all parties at both ends of the operation.

We organise ambulance transfers, runway passes, airline clearance, medical escorts, assistance for relatives and all details essential for a smooth repatriation. We make sure all the details of the transportation are arranged swiftly and the client is looked after on each step of the way.




Close working relationship with hospitals, airlines and authorities let us obtain favourable quotes and speed-up the process as much as possible.



Close working relationship with hospitals, airlines and authorities let us obtain favourable quotes and speed-up the process as much as possible.



The top priority of our team is to provide our clients with professional and quick assistance suited to their unique needs.

Repatriation of a deceased

  • Transfer of the deceased from/to the airport and any location in Malta and Gozo

  • Booking and confirmation of flights/sea crossings for close ones

  • Ground ambulance service

  • Cooperation with hospitals, doctors, airlines and authorities

  • Customs clearance

  • Translation of official documents

  • Range of repatriation coffins and caskets

  • Assistance with funeral arrangements

  • Organising funeral service in Malta

  • Providing cremation services

  • Professional repatriation service to and from Malta

  • Embalming and hygiene treatment in line with airline/transport regulations