Air & Ground Ambulance Service

Professional air and ground ambulance service

Active Assist provides professional air and ground ambulance service adjusted to our clients' needs and conditions. We can swiftly organise a ground ambulance transfer from a place of residence or any hospital in Malta and Gozo. We ensure that our client is under the care of medical escort and we provide all the necessary equipment such as wheelchair or stretcher.

Through our close relationship with national airline, we can quickly organise air ambulance to requested destination. Medical care on-board and efficient hand-out of all medical documents is also ensured by our dedicated team.

Ground Ambulance

Ground ambulance

If client’s condition requires a medical care during the transportation process, we ensure that a doctor or nurse is with the patient along the way. We also provide all necessary equipment needed by the client.

Active Assist has extensive working relationship with medical professionals and hospitals in Malta and Gozo. Thanks to that, we are able to organise required assistance as quickly as possible.

Air ambulance Service

Air ambulance

We assist with air transport to and from Malta for patients requiring medical care during the flight.

Active Assist with co-ordinance with airlines and hospitals, take care of all formalities and organise all necessary equipment and medical assistance needed during the flight.

Safety of our clients is always our top priority, hence, before, during and after the transportation we ensure that every possible scenario is covered and in case of any emergency we will be able to react quickly and efficiently.

Medical Care

Medical care

At Active Assist we ensure that suitable medical care is provided to the client throughout the transportation process as well as before and after.

We also keep track of all medical records and make sure they are handed over in full.

Depending on the patient’s condition and needs, he will be monitored throughout the way by a doctor or qualified nurse.



Active Assist can help with travel arrangements for travellers in distress.

In case of unforeseen circumstances our dedicated team can provide support with rebooking flights, hotels and other formalities.

We can also assist family members with organizing travel arrangements to Malta, with all necessary bookings and transportation details.