A helping hand in your time of need

Death of a loved one is a deeply traumatising event itself, not mentioning facing an unexpected death during a stay abroad. In those extremely difficult circumstances, Active Assist can assist with all the repatriation formalities, insurance registration, funeral preparation and organising travel arrangements for family members.

In cooperation with our subsidiary company Camilleri Funeral Directors International, we take care of all formalities and make sure the family is provided with carrying and reassuring support throughout the process.

Funeral Service in Malta

Funeral Service in Malta

Camilleri Funeral Directors International Malta

Together with Camilleri Funeral Directors International we organise funeral service for foreigners and residents passing away in Malta.

We can take of every formality and matter related to funeral arrangements to take the burned off the family members.

Camilleri Funeral Directors has been providing caring and dignified funeral service since 1890. The company ensures that the funeral ceremony is conducted according to family’s wishes, giving full peace of mind to bereaved. The funeral and every formality connected to it is looked after with full professionalism and care for the family.


Repatriation Service

When an unexpected death of a foreigner occurs in Malta, Active Assist together with Camilleri Funeral Directors International are dedicated to provide a full assistance with all formalities and organise a repatriation services as quickly as possible.

Our dedicated team will ensure that every matter is properly looked after and that family is provided with support throughout the process. Thanks to years of experience, our repatriation service is organised with professionalism and efficiency on each level, giving the bereaved peace of mind.

Learn more about air ambulance service.

Planned Ahead

Planning ahead

Death in an inevitable element of everyone’s life.

Hence, it is important to think about it before the time comes. Together with Camilleri Funeral Directors International, Active Assist provides counselling and professional advice on pre-organised funeral and cremation plans.

Pre-organising funeral can lift the weight of the family’s shoulder and gives a chance to choose a preferred kind of ceremony before the time comes. It also gives the family more time to say goodbye, without having to rush with all formalities.

For more information please visit the website of Camilleri Funeral Directors International

Cremation Overseas

Cremation Overseas

As cremation is not yet available in Malta, Active Assist provides cremation service abroad at a crematorium selected by the family or recommended by our partners.

Depending on family’s wishes, the funeral ceremony can be organised in Malta, before or after the cremation. Also, we can arrange the flights for the family members for the cremation and return of the ashes to Malta.

When a loved one dies

Unexpected death

Unexpected death

Unexpected death abroad is a truly traumatising event for family of the deceased. During this extremely difficult time it is crucial to ensure that no extra pressure and stress is put on the family members.

International Funeral Directors can be essential to take the extra burden off the shoulders of bereaved and take care of all unpleasant formalities. Before settling with a company make sure they can provide full service and take care of each aspect of the process professionally and as quickly as possible.

Help with bereavement

Help with bereavement

Bereavement is a very challenging process and often requires help from a professional. Don’t feel embarrassed or shy to ask for help if you need it.

Death of a loved one is a deeply traumatising event and no one should go through it alone. In Malta you can call a Support Helpline on 179. We can also direct you to professional therapists specialising in helping with grieving. Get in touch and tell us how we can help you today.

EU regulations

EU Standards & Regulations

To ease the process, ensure dignified repatriation and transportation of a deceased as well as make sure that all services provided to grieving families are up to standards, there are certain European laws in place.

All international funeral directors must follow the process and complete all formalities up to the needed requirements. Choose a company with experience and good reputation to make sure they will professionally and efficiently handle the matter.